• Why we re-designed our engineering career paths at CircleCI

    CircleCI engineering competency matrix

    Note from the author: this post was written in collaboration with Justin Cowperthwaite, engineering manager, with additional input from Jeff Palmer, VP Engineering

    We want CircleCI to be a place that all engineers can learn and grow, and be supported no matter what level they join us at, or how they want to shape their careers. To support this, we use an engineering competency matrix, a framework that outlines expectations and growth paths for engineers. This matrix is a tremendously useful tool for us: it informs the structure of our job descriptions and our interview processes. It helps us set expectations together with our engineers, is a basis for goal setting as well as conversations about learning and development. It helps us have more objective performance conversations which are less susceptible to the biases and skills of an engineer’s manager. Overall, it clarifies the vision of our organization and helps us maintain consistency throughout all stages of hiring and professional development.

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  • Using CircleCI workflows to replicate Docker Hub automated builds

    CircleCI workflows are powerful features that can be used to make your deployment process simple and intuitive. In this article, we will learn how to use them to automatically push images to the Docker registry, just like Docker Hub’s own automated build process, but with all of the customization that your own build process offers.

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