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Usage Warning Fix

What’s Fixed

The usage warning banner for Free users has been updated to exclude build minutes from OSS projects.

My Branches Fix

What’s Fixed

The My Branches button on the Jobs or Workflows pages has been fixed to display all relevant branches.

Orbs Inside Orbs

What’s New

Orb elements can now be composed directly with elements of other orbs. For example, you can now have an orb that looks like the following:


  some-orb: some-ns/some-orb@volatile


  my-executor: some-orb/their-executor


  my-command: some-orb/their-command


  my-job: some-orb/their-job


    executor: my-executor


      - my-command

          param1: "hello"

Insights and Workflows Improvements

What’s Fixed

  • Insights now supports branch names with slashes in them.
  • Workflows list page now supports displaying git tags.

Xcode 10.1 Image Availability

What’s New

  • Xcode 10.1 macOS image has been released for CircleCI.
  • Select the image by adding the following to a job in your .circleci/config.yml file:
  xcode: 10.1.0
  • Xcode is now version 10.1 Build 10B61.
  • The Command Line Tools are now version 10.1.
  • This image upgrades to the latest macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G3025).
  • This image removes the simulators for WatchOS 4.2.
  • The system Ruby is unchanged at 2.3.7p456, but Ruby 2.4.5 and 2.5.3 are now available by using chruby.
  • This image removes the additional Ruby 2.3.7 that was available to chruby.
  • NodeJS is now version 11.0.0
  • Yarn is now 1.12.1.

Workflow Notifications

What’s New

  • Basic workflow notifications are now available.
  • If you have workflows configured as part of your project, you will start receiving workflow-level email notifications.
  • Refer to the Notifications document for details.

CircleCI is 33% Faster

What’s New

  • CircleCI infrastructure upgrades have improved build times by 33%.
  • The free tier will change from 1500 to 1000 minutes on December 1st, 2018.
  • Notifications have been updated reflect the 1,000-minute free plan, so you can project your future usage needs.

CircleCI Orbs General Availability

What’s New

Orbs are packages of CircleCI configuration shared across projects. Orbs help you simplify YAML configuration, enable you to build on top of CircleCI, and support sharing of standardized configurations across your projects.

This release provides you with access to certified orbs for AWS CodeDeploy, Rollbar, Artifactory, CodeCov, Heroku, Slack and more. You can also create and publish your own orbs using the CircleCI CLI. Refer to the CircleCI Orbs Registry for the complete list of certified orbs.

To learn about using and creating orbs, see the following documentation:

GitHub Checks is now supported

What’s New

  • CircleCI now integrates with the GitHub Checks API, so you can see the status of your CircleCI workflows under the Pull Request Checks tab in the GitHub UI. For more information, see CircleCI Docs.

New Docs Search and Org Switcher Update

What’s New

  • The Documentation search bar has been completely redesigned and improved to provide a full page of aggregate results, see CircleCI Docs.

  • The Org Switcher was updated to fix a display issue that caused users to be redirected to the wrong organization.

New Orb CLI Commands, New Plan Views, New API Doc

What’s New

  • The CircleCI CLI command orb list now has an optional flag, --json, that provides machine-readable output. In addition, the CLI command orb source has been updated to allow you to pull any version, including dev versions, for example:
circleci orb source mynamespace/myorb@dev:foo
circleci orb source mynamespace/myorb@1.2.3
circleci orb source mynamespace/myorb@volatile
  • Cloud Performance plans have been updated to display multiple periods of usage data on the Settings page.

  • The CircleCI API documentation has been re-published with a completely new design and updated content, see the API Reference.

Reusable Commands and Executors, Xcode 10 Image, and macOS Plan Settings Updates

What’s New

  • CircleCI 2.1 config keys are now available for reusing commands, executors, and parameters to simplify your .circleci/config.yml file. See the Reusing Config document for examples and instructions. Refer to the Configuring CircleCI reference for 2.1 syntax requirements.

  • We have released the Xcode 10 image on CircleCI 2.0. Add the following to your .circleci/config.yml file to select that version of Xcode in your jobs:

    xcode: "10.0.0"

Note: A known issue, for which a fix is in-progress, prevents shipping iOS apps built on the Xcode 10 image to the App Store.

  • For Cloud Container macOS plans, there is an improved flow for adding containers on the Plan Overview page. This can be found under Settings > Plan Overview.

New Project Default, Switch CLI Prompt, Plan Updates, and Disabled Fixed Notification

What’s New

  • New projects are now created with 2.0 config by default and have Build Processing enabled.

  • CLI users are now prompted to switch to the updated CLI. All commands are backwards compatible, however some have been officially renamed. For example, the circleci build command is now an alias for the circleci local execute command.

  • For Performance Plans, total build minutes and credit usage for top projects is now displayed on the Plan Usage page. This can be found under Settings > Plan Usage

  • For Linux Plans, there is an improved path for adding containers on the Plan Overview page. This can be found under Settings > Plan Overview

  • Disabled Fixed notification through email or chat, if you have defined workflows as part of your configuration.

Jobs Page Rerun Workflow button, EOL 1.0, and CircleCI Docs Menu Updates

What’s New

  • A Rerun workflow from beginning button is now on the Jobs page.

  • A 1.0 Project Badge for all projects still building on CircleCI 1.0 appears on Github.

  • Builds for new projects now require a CircleCI 2.0 config. 1.0 builds are no longer available for new projects. Builds for new projects without a 2.0 config will be blocked.

  • Updated error message when builds are not run if free minutes are depleted.

  • Updated information architecture with redesigned Welcome page and navigation menu for CircleCI Documentation is now available.

Auto-Cancel Workflow Builds, Updated CLI, and Plans Page Updates

What’s New

  • Auto-cancel of redundant builds now supports workflows. Customers will need to turn on the Build Processing option under Advanced Settings in their project settings. See the istructions for Enabling Auto-Cancel for Workflows Triggered by pushed to GItHub or the API for details.

  • A new version of the Local CLI is available. Customers using the existing Local CLI can update using the circleci-update command followed by the circleci switch command. Refer to Using the CircleCI Local CLI for the update instructions.

  • Performance customers can now see the billing period dates on the Plan Overview page.

  • A new Plan Overview page that shows the details for plan selection and a new Plan Usage page that shows usages for any applicable Linux and macOS plan.

Performance Plan Overview Includes Number of Projects with DLC Enabled

What’s New

  • Performance customers can now see the number of active projects with DLC enabled on the Plan Overview page.

Enable Build Processing, New API Endpoint for Triggering Projects with Workflows, and Performance Fix

What’s New

  • It is possible to trigger workflows with the CircleCI API using a new endpoint. See the Trigger a Build by Project section of the CircleCI API Projects Documentation.
    • You must go to your Project Settings in the CircleCI app to Enable Build Processing (preview) as a prerequisite for using this endpoint.
    • IMPORTANT – This endpoint does not yet support the build_parameters options that the job-triggering endpoint supports.
    • You may safely go back by disabling the radio button for this feature on your Advanced Settings for your project if jobs or workflows fail the new build processing.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved a known performance issue which caused a frozen page for organizations with many branches.

Workflows Improvements, Active Users View, and Alerts

What’s New

  • The Workflows page of the CircleCI app now displays the username associated with rerunning a workflow, approving a job, or cancelling a job.

  • Performance improvements were made for workflows pages that reduce the load time for all workflows pages.

  • Custom Performance Plans now appear with active users for the month on the Plan Overview page.

  • Alerts for users who have depleted the free Linux build minutes for the month.

Xcode 9.4.1, Plan Overview page updates, and Bug Fixes

What’s New

  • The Xcode 9.4.1 image was released on CircleCI 2.0. To select version 9.4.1 for a job, add the following to your .circleci/config.yml file:
          xcode: "9.4.1"
  • If you are on the Performance Plan, you can now view available credits on the Plan Overview page of your Organization Settings in the CircleCI app.


  • Fixed a known issue with the CircleCI workflows UI due to . period character in the workflows name.

  • Fixed the interaction of the Workflows Rerun dropdown menu by restricting to open-source project users who are part of a GitHub organization.

Build Service and Config as Code

What’s New

Preview of improved builds service

CircleCI has developed an improved builds service that is ready for preview. The improved build service is the first step to a healthy roadmap of parameterized commands, config reuse across projects, improved DRY support, and better error reporting.

A preview is currently available for a few of our most adventurous organizations this week, and we plan on rolling it out to more projects in the coming weeks before it is publicly available. If you are adventurous and want to switch to the new service, be sure to read the preview docs before requesting approval.

Improved Config Schema Error Transparency

What’s New

With 2.0 you can do a lot more with the config.yml file. However, there are those times when edits result in schema errors. The CircleCI config processor now creates and returns a specialized Job that references the specific schema error(s) in the Job list. Learn more about our recent move to the terms Workflow and Job.

Support for Test Splitting with Workflows

What’s New

The following features and additions are now available.

  • New Workflows Feature: If your project has a large number of tests, you can use the circleci tests split command to reduce your job run time. This feature is now supported with Workflows. For more information on how to set up test splitting, see the Splitting Test Files section of the Running Tests in Parallel documentation.

  • EOL Tools: The 1.0 migration center has been updated with additional content and helpful tools.

  • Performance Improvement: CircleCI has upgraded the mechanism that returns gettimeofday calls. As a result, heavy users of syscall will see an aggregate improvement in performance. Most noticeably this will improve the run time of projects with heavy usage of profiling tools and Xdebug with PHP.

  • Added: This release adds a Plan Overview page for customers on the Performance pricing plan to enable Admins to see their selection from the Settings.

  • Added: Customers who are still building on CircleCI 1.0 will now get a reminder to upgrade to CircleCI 2.0 in build emails.

Xcode 9.3 available on CircleCI 2.0 for macOS

We have released the Xcode 9.3 image on CircleCI 2.0. Add the following to your .circleci/config.yml file to select that version of Xcode in your jobs:

  xcode: "9.3.0"

Support for Multiple Contexts

It is now possible to create multiple Contexts in the Organization Settings of the CircleCI app. See the Contexts documentation for details and naming conventions.

Xcode 9.2 available on CircleCI 2.0 for macOS

We have released the Xcode 9.2 image on CircleCI 2.0. Add the following to your .circleci/config.yml file to select that version of Xcode in your jobs:

  xcode: "9.2.0"

CircleCI 2.0 for macOS General Availability

The release of CircleCI 2.0 for macOS enables your iOS projects to benefit from the significant performance, stability, and reliability improvements in the CircleCI 2.0 platform, including the following new features:

Workflows: Orchestrate jobs and steps with great flexibility using a simple set of new keys in your configuration. Increase the development speed through faster feedback, shorter reruns, and more efficient use of resources.

Advanced caching: Speed up builds by caching files from run to run using keys that are easy to control with granular caching options for cache save and restore points throughout your jobs. Cache any files from run to run using keys you can control.

Get started with the complete set of documentation for the macOS platform:

Docker Layer Caching in Machine Executor

Docker Layer Caching is now available as a premium feature for the machine executor. Refer to the Docker layer Caching in Machine Executor section for instructions.

Rerun Button Change on the Jobs Page

The button on the Jobs page has changed for jobs that run as part of a workflow. The rebuild options that are not compatible with Workflows have been removed from the button on the Jobs page. Jobs that ran as part of a workflow will only include the Rerun Job with SSH button on the Jobs page.

To rerun a job that ran as part of a workflow, you must navigate to the Workflows page of the CircleCI application and either rerun your entire Workflow or rerun your Workflow from failed jobs.

Scheduled Workflows

This feature enables Workflows to run on a configurable schedule. Refer to the Scheduling a Workflow section of the Orchestrating Workflows document for instructions and examples. Reference information for syntax is available in the triggers section of the Writing Jobs With Steps document and answers to common questions are documented in the Workflows section of the Migration FAQ.

Xcode 9 available on CircleCI for macOS

Today we updated our Xcode 9.0 image with the just released Xcode 9.0 GM Seed (build version 9A235). Please check out this post on our Discuss site for more details on how to use the latest Xcode in your macOS builds.

Minutes Used in Your Plan

This feature adds the used minutes to your Org Settings > Plan Settings page. This feature displays used minutes against Linux machines. It expands on our current functionality which shows minutes used against OS X machines and is located on the same page: Org Settings > Plan Settings.

Data appears for Orgs with a billing date after Aug 31, 2017. So, a new org will immediately see minutes used, and existing orgs will see the minutes used appear within the coming 30 days, depending on the billing date for your plan.

Workflows Graph

This feature enables an interactive graph of your workflow configuration. Refer to the instructions and examples in the Orchestrating Workflows document.

Xcode 9.0 Beta 5

Today we updated our Xcode 9.0 beta 3 image to Xcode 9.0 beta 5 (build version 9M202q) with the latest simulators.

You can use this image by specifying Xcode 9.0 in your circle.yml:

    version: "9.0"

This image tag will be automatically upgraded when new betas are released by Apple, until the final release of Xcode 9.


This feature enables sharing of global environment variables across projects. Refer to the instructions and examples in the Setting Contexts document and the Job Contexts Example section of Orchestrating Workflows.

CircleCI 2.0 Git Tags Support

This feature enables filtering on Git tags for jobs in workflows using CircleCI 2.0. CircleCI will not run a job for a Git tag unless a tags filter is specified. Refer to the instructions and examples in the Workflow Tags section of Writing Jobs With Steps and in the Git Tag Job Execution section of Orchestrating Workflows.

CircleCI 2.0 General Availability

CircleCI 2.0 is a completely updated CI/CD platform that starts every run with a clean image which is automatically provisioned just-in-time for Linux and Android jobs on the hosted CircleCI application.

Configuration moves into the code in 2.0, so every developer can configure jobs directly in their working branch, teams can try new things without the risk of slowing anyone else down, and business leaders have the ability to operate large global teams with minimal overhead. CircleCI 2.0 prevents you from writing clean-up scripts because every run starts in the same state, eliminating the risk of polluting a test database or leaving files in places that cause problems for the next run.

The CircleCI 2.0 platform includes significant performance, stability, and reliability improvements along with the following new features:

  • First-class Docker Support: Choose any image to run your job steps, customizable on a per-job basis on a particular Git branch. Speed up your run times with advanced layer caching. Build docker images with full docker CLI support and full support for docker compose. Support for all programming languages and custom environments that offer more predictable output. See Specifying Container Images for instructions.

  • Workflows: Orchestrate jobs and steps with great flexibility using a simple set of new keys in your configuration. Share temporary files between jobs with workspaces for fan-in, fan-out, parallel, and sequential runs. Hold a workflow for a manual approval and restart a workflow from a failed job. See Orchestrating Workflows for details.

  • Resource Allocation: Configure your CPU and RAM needs on a per-job basis at the branch level, see the resource_class documentation for instructions. Paid accounts may request this feature from their Customer Success Manager, non-paid users may request to get started by sending email to

  • Insights: Access interactive charts and analyses in seconds. Visualize trends in your build history to identify and pinpoint bottlenecks. Understand all of your builds at a glance. View the builds that fail most, so you can fix the slowest tests to improve efficiency. See the Collecting Test Metadata documentation for information.

  • Debugging with SSH and CLI: Perform local job runs, configuration validation and SSH in to builds for access to log files and debugging running processes. See Using the CLI documentation to learn about running local jobs and refer to Debugging Jobs over SSH for SSH instructions.

  • Parallelism: Automatic provisioning of containers as they are freed without waiting for other jobs to finish. See the Parallel Job Execution documentation for examples.

  • Advanced Caching: Speed up builds by caching files from run to run using keys that are easy to control with granular caching options for cache save and restore points throughout your jobs. Cache any files from run to run using keys you can control, see the Caching Dependencies documentation for strategies and steps.

  • Demonstration Applications: See the Language Guides and Demo Repos to learn CircleCI configuration by example for applications written in Go, Javascript, PHP, Python (Django and Flask), Ruby on Rails, Java, Elixir, and Clojure.

  • New Documentation: New and restructured documentation including an Overview, Hello World, Sample 2.0 config.yml File, simplified instructions for Migrating from 1.0 to 2.0, plus examples for Configuring Databases and Creating Custom Docker Images. Refer to the Migration FAQ for common questions and known limitations.

Pricing Plan Change

A fix to the pricing plan has been implemented which limits Linux plan capacity to the published maximum. As a result of this change, you may see builds queuing until the requisite containers are available.

CircleCI 2.0 Core Dump Support

This feature enables core dumps for projects using CircleCI 2.0. Get core dump files and push them as artifacts for inspection and debugging using the instructions in the Uploading Build Artifacts document.

Xcode 9 Beta 2

Today we updated our Xcode 9.0 beta image to Xcode 9.0 beta 2 with the latest 10.2 simulators. To start using it, add the following to your circle.yml:

    version: "9.0"

This image tag will be upgraded automatically when new betas are released by Apple, until the final release of Xcode 9.

Xcode 8.3.3

For mobile, we have just released a build image that allows you to use the latest stable version of Xcode, 8.3.3. To start using it, add the following to your circle.yml:

    version: "8.3.3"


The Workflows feature is available on CircleCI 2.0. It is designed with a flexible algorithm to support very complex job scheduling and orchestration using a simple set of new configuration keys. See the Steps to Configure Workflows section of the Migrating from 1.0 to 2.0 document for instructions. Refer to the Orchestrating Workflows document for examples and conceptual information.

Xcode 9 Beta 1 Availability

This update makes Xcode 9 Beta available for all macOS builds. Specify version 9.0 in your circle.yml file to override the default.

Authenticate With Google

This feature enables users to log in to CircleCI with a Google account and provides new users with the opportunity to experience the application and selected demo projects without providing access to their code repository.

Filter Build Emails by Project

Now you can filter your build emails by project without doing subject matching. This feature adds the standard List-ID header with to make it easy to filter build emails into per-repo or per-org folders.

Import Project Environment Variables

This feature enables you to import project environment variables from projects in the same organization to save time and typing. On the Settings screen for your project, click the Import Variable(s) button on the Environment Variables page and select from the list.

Authorize Only Public GitHub Repositories

This feature enables you to join CircleCI without providing access to your private GitHub repos. To limit access, select Public Repos Only from the Start with Github menu on the signup page.

My/All Build Filtering

Looking for the builds most relevant to your actions? You can now filter builds by “my builds” (builds you triggered) or “all builds” (builds triggered by other users on your team). The filter can be found near the top, right-hand corner of your dashboard. Currently, this feature is only available on the organization and project-level.

Automatic collection of Fastlane logs for macOS projects

The logs produced by the Fastlane tools are now being stored as build artifacts so that you can easily access them later.

Granular control over fork PR builds

It is now possible to control whether to run builds for pull requests coming from forks and whether to pass the secrets from the main project to the fork on such builds, via two separate settings. Check out the Advanced Settings tab for your project for more details.

Fetch CocoaPods from S3 instead of Git in iOS projects

A few weeks ago we started downloading CocoaPods specs from S3 instead of Git in projects that use our iOS inference. It is now also possible to download the specs from S3 in projects with manual configuration.

Please check out this Discuss post for an example of downloading specs from S3 via a circle.yml command.

Improved code signing flow for OS X builds

It is now possible to upload provisioning profiles under the ‘Permissions’ section of your OS X project settings. Once uploaded, we will automatically import the profiles during your OS X builds. Profiles are encrypted at rest on the CircleCI side.

This update removes the need to keep the provisioning profiles checked into your repository and simplifies the setup of code signing for new OS X projects.

CircleCI offers the ability to link directly to build output steps. We’ve now extended this feature into build email notifications. You should now see a clickable ‘Failing Command’ on (failed) build notification emails which will open the build page to the failed command in your build output.

Confirmation modal for stop building projects on CircleCI,

We have added a confirmation message to prevent users from accidentally stopping the builds on CircleCI.

Interactive ‘Build Timing’ graph

We have added functionality to click through the ‘Build Timing’ graph to access different sections of the build.

Anchor to a particular step within build output

Users can show share link to a particular step within their build output; Eg.

Flash notifications for adding & deleting keys

We have added flash notification when users add or remove Apple Code Signing key, API permissions, SSH key or environment variables.

Click here to view further updates, listed on the legacy changelog.

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